A hemicyanine complex for the detection of thiol biomolecules by fluorescence

Doan Thanh Nhan, Nguyen Khoa Hien, Hoang Van Duc, Nguyen Thi Ai Nhung, Nguyen Tien Trung, Dang Ung Van, Weon Sup Shin, Jong Seung Kim, Duong Tuan Quang

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Herein, we report the design and preparation of a benzothiazolium hemicyanine derivative that exhibits red emission at 585 nm. Its complex with Hg2+ may be used for selective and sensitive sensing of thiol biomolecules through the reversible visual color and florescence changes they induce in the complex. This complex was used to detect three test thiol biomolecules, and exhibited sensitivity in the order cysteine > glutathione > homocysteine. Furthermore, the complex allowed the detection of cysteine at 0.2 μM, lower than the normal human intracellular cysteine concentration (30-200 μM), and was found to be useable over at least five cycles upon alternate addition of cysteine and Hg2+.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)301-306
Number of pages6
JournalDyes and Pigments
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Aug


  • Cysteine
  • Ensemble complex
  • Fluorescence
  • Hemicyanine
  • Thiol biomolecules

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  • Process Chemistry and Technology


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