A study of electrochemical kinetics of lithium ion in organic electrolytes

Shung Ik Lee, Un Ho Jung, Yun Sung Kim, Myung Hwan Kim, Dong June Ahn, Hai Soo Chun

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Limiting current densities equivalent to the transport-controlling step oflithium ions in organic electrolytes were measured by using a rotating disk electrode (RDE). The diffusion coefficients of lithium ion in the electrolyte of PC/LiClO4, EC : DEC/LiPF6 and EC: DMC/LiPF6 were determined by the limiting current density data according to the Levich equation. The diffusion coefficients increased in the order of PC/LiClO 4<EC: DEC/LiPF6<EC : DMC/ LiPF6 with respect to molar concentration oflithium salt. The maximum value of diffusivity was 1.39× 10-5cm2/s for 1 M LiPF6 in EC: DMC=1:1. Exchange current densities and transfer coefficients of each electrolyte were determined according to the Butler-Volmer equation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)638-644
Number of pages7
JournalKorean Journal of Chemical Engineering
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2002 Jul

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  • Diffusion coefficient
  • Electrolyte
  • Limiting current density
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • RDE

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