A study of the electromagnetic characteristics of no-insulation GdBCO racetrack coils under an external magnetic ripple field

Y. H. Choi, D. G. Yang, Y. G. Kim, S. G. Kim, J. B. Song, H. G. Lee

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Here we report the effect of an external magnetic ripple field on the electromagnetic characteristics of GdBCO racetrack coils being operated with a constant DC current. Two types of GdBCO racetrack coils, one wound without turn-to-turn insulation (NI) and the other wound with Kapton tape (INS), were examined under external ripple fields generated by a permanent magnet mounted on a rotor, which was driven by a separate AC motor. The voltage fluctuations and magnetic field variations were measured with respect to the external ripple field intensity (BERF), rotating speed, and the operating condition. When the INS and NI coils were exposed to an external ripple field (herein, Iop = 80 A, BERF = 2 mT, and 5 rpm), a voltage fluctuation occurred because a time-varying magnetic field interacted with an electric circuit creating an electromotive force. The peak-to-peak voltage (Vpp = 0.29 mV) of the NI coil was ∼1.86 times lower than that (0.54 mV) of the INS coil, because the voltage response of the NI coil lagged behind dB/dt due to the existence of turn-to-turn contact. Furthermore, the Vpp of the INS coil increased with increasing BERF and rotating speed, while those of the NI coil were barely affected due to the delay of electromagnetic induction. In excessive current and ripple field conditions (Iop = 1.125 Ic, BERF = 8 mT, and 50 rpm) the INS coil eventually quenched while the NI coil did not, implying that the electromagnetic stability of the NI coil in excessive time-varying field conditions was superior to that of the INS coil.

Original languageEnglish
Article number045010
JournalSuperconductor Science and Technology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Mar 10

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  • electromagnetic characteristics
  • excessive time-varying field conditions
  • external magnetic ripple field
  • magnetic field variations
  • no-insulation GdBCO racetrack coils
  • voltage fluctuations

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