A study on wear and erosion of sialon-Si3N4 whisker ceramic composites

Dong Soo Park, Byung Dong Han, Dae Soon Lim, In Woong Yeo

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Sialon-based ceramic composite materials containing 0-20 wt.% Si3N4 whiskers were hot pressed and their mechanical properties and microstructural characterization were investigated. The specimens were subjected to ball-on-reciprocating plate type wear tests at temperatures between room temperature and 1073 K. A gas blast type erosion tester was employed to examine erosion behavior of the composite at room temperature and 773 K. Si3N4 whiskers caused formation of large elongated grains in the microstructure. The specimen with the higher content of Si3N4 whiskers exhibited higher fracture toughness and lower flexural strength resulting from the larger grain size. Wear test results showed that a higher wear rate was obtained as whisker content and test temperature increased. Scanning electron microscopy observation on the wear track of specimens containing O and 20 wt.% Si3N4 whiskers tested at 1073 K revealed that the one with 20 wt.% of Si3N4 whiskers had deeper grooves inside the track than that with O wt.% Si3N4 whiskers. Erosion test results showed a tendency similar to that of the wear test results. The higher the test temperature and the more whiskers the specimen contained, the higher the erosion rate.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)284-290
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 1997 Mar


  • Ceramic composite
  • Erosion
  • High temperature
  • Sialon
  • Wear
  • Whisker

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