A Textile-Based Temperature-Tolerant Stretchable Supercapacitor for Wearable Electronics

Hanchan Lee, Gyusung Jung, Kayeon Keum, Jung Wook Kim, Hyein Jeong, Yong Hui Lee, Dong Sik Kim, Jeong Sook Ha

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Among the extensive development of wearable electronics, which can be implanted onto bodies or embedded in clothes, textile-based devices have gained significant attention. For daily basis applications, wearable energy storage devices are required to be stable under harsh environmental conditions and different deformational conditions. In this study, a textile-based stretchable supercapacitor with high electrochemical performance, mechanical stability, and temperature tolerance over a wide temperature range is reported. It exhibits high areal capacitances of 28.0, 30.4, and 30.6 mF cm−2 at −30, 25, and 80 °C, respectively, while the capacitance remains stable over three repeated cycles of cooling and heating from −30 to 80 °C. The supercapacitor is stable under stretching up to 50% and 1000 repetitive cycles of stretching. A temperature sensor and an liquid-crystal display are simultaneously driven at temperatures between −20 and 80 °C by the supercapacitors. The supercapacitors are woven into a nylon glove power a micro-light-emitting diode stably regardless of the bending of the index finger. Furthermore, the encapsulated supercapacitors retain the capacitance during being immersed in water for a few days. This study demonstrates the potential application of the fabricated supercapacitor as a wearable energy storage device that works under extreme temperature variations, high humidity, and body movements.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2106491
JournalAdvanced Functional Materials
Issue number50
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec 9

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  • stretchable supercapacitors
  • temperature-tolerant supercapacitors
  • textile-based supercapacitors
  • wearable electronics

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