An acid-activatable nanosensitizer library realizes tunable pyroptosis activation in tumors

Mingle Li, Jungryun Kim, Yunjie Xu, Jong Seung Kim

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Pyroptosis has been viewed as a potential novel pathway toward tumor immunity, yet activating specific pyroptosis in tumor cells remains challenging. Recently in Nature Nanotechnology, Wang, Zhang, You, and colleagues reported a library of acid-activatable nanophotosensitizers that target distinct stages of endosome maturation, attaining tunable pyroptosis. This outstanding work may provide new insights into the creation of future nanomedicine with pyroptosis-modulating capacity for clinical applications.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)15-18
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Publication statusPublished - 2023 Jan 4

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This work was supported by the Creative Research Initiatives project (Grant No. 2018R1A3B1052702 , J.S.K.) and Brain Pool Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea ( NRF ) funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT (Grant No. 2020H1D3A1A02080172 , M.L.). We also gratefully thank the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 82203050 , Y.X.) for providing financial support and basic research facilities.

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