Application and Effect of Mobiletype-Bone Health Intervention in Korean Young Adult Women with Low Bone Mass: A Randomized Control Trial

Young Joo Park, Sook Ja Lee, Nah Mee Shin, Hyunjeong Shin, Songi Jeon, Jungwoo Lee, Inhae Cho

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Purpose This randomized control trial was designed to examine the effect on the self-managing ability for promoting bone health of mobile type–bone health intervention (mobile type–BHI). Methods The mobile type–BHI consisted of a mobile application called “Strong bone, Fit body” (SbFb) and group education. A total of 82 college women with low bone mass (Z score < –1) participated. They were assigned randomly to three groups, experimental group I, (n = 28), experimental group II (n = 32), and control group (n = 22). This study ran from June 2014 to January 2015. The outcome variables were bone mineral density, minerals related to bone metabolism (calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D), biochemical markers related to bone remodeling (osteocalcin, C-terminal telopeptide, sclerostin), food intake diary by 24 hours recall, and psychosocial variables related to bone health (knowledge, health belief and self-efficacy). Data were analyzed using SAS program and a computer aided nutritional analysis program. Results Both the experimental group I, who used mobile type–BHI, and experimental group II, who only received group education, showed outcomes regarding knowledge of the benefits of exercise and calcium as compared with the control group. The two experimental groups also demonstrated results in the serum levels of calcium, vitamin D, and sclerostin compared to those of the control group. Conclusion Although both experimental groups exhibited positive outcomes in regards to the promotion of bone health, this study did not show an additional effect of the mobile application on self-management ability for the promotion of bone health. Nonetheless, the SbFb application is very meaningful as it is the first application developed with the aim of improving women's bone health.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)56-64
Number of pages9
JournalAsian Nursing Research
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Mar 1

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  • biomarkers
  • bone density
  • mobile applications
  • nutrition assessment
  • women

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