Applying RFID techniques for the next-generation automotive services

Peter Harliman, Joon Goo Lee, Kyong Jin Jo, Seon Wook Kim

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RFID technology has been used and developed for more than 50 years, first by Harry Stockman in 1948 [1], and its applications have been commonly used around us. Instead of the term RFID, we are popularly using the term wireless applications in their names. Due to this reason, RFID remains unpopular despite its long history. Today most cars are equipped with a remote control to open and lock a door. In Korea, T-Money [2] cards are used for public transportation payments. Although there is no RFID term in their names, both a car remote control and T-Money are in the domain of RFID applications. RFID technology has become more and more widely used in real-world applications even without people realizing it.

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Title of host publicationRFID Handbook
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PublisherCRC Press
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Publication statusPublished - 2017 Jan 1

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