Aptamer-based immunosensor on the ZnO nanorods networks

Yoonkyung Nam, Jungil Park, Youngmi Kim Pak, James Jungho Pak

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This paper presents the fabrication and characteristics of a new aptamer-based electrochemical immunosensor on the patterned zinc oxide nanorod networks (ZNNs) for detecting thrombin. Aptamers are single-stranded RNA or DNA sequence that binds to target materials with high speci?city and af?nity. An antibody-antigen-aptamer sandwich structure was employed to this immunosensor for detecting thrombin. First, hydrothermally grown ZNNs were patterned on the patterned 0.02 cm 2 Au/Ti electrodes on a glass substrate by lift-off process. The high isoelectric point (IEP, ∼9.5) of nanostructured ZnO makes it suitable for immobilizing proteins with low IEP. Then 5 μL of the 500 nM antibody was immobilized on the ZNNs electrode. 5 μL of the mixture of 1 μM aptamer labeled by ferrocene (Fc) and thrombin was dropped on the electrode for antibody-antigen binding. The peak oxidation currents of the immunosensors at various thrombin concentrations were measured by using cyclic voltammetry. The peak oxidation current was observed at 340 mV versus Ag/AgCl electrode, and the peak oxidation current increased linearly from 62.26 nA to 354.13 nA with the logarithmic concentration of thrombin in the range from 100 pM to 250 nM. Fabrication of an aptamer-based immunosensor for thrombin detection is a new attempt and the characteristics of the fabricated immunosensors showed that the fabricated aptamer-baded immunosensor worked electrochemically well and had a low detection limit (∼91.04 pM) and good selectivity.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5547-5551
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Jul


  • Aptasensor
  • Electrochemical Immunosensor
  • Thrombin
  • ZnO Nanorods Networks

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