BCl3-Based Dry Etching of Exfoliated (100) -Ga2O3 Flakes

Man Kyung Kim, Yukyung Kim, Jihyun Kim, Kwang Hyeon Baik, Soohwan Jang

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We report on BCl3-based dry etching characteristics of (100) β-Ga2O3 flakes using inductively coupled plasma etching technique, which were prepared by mechanical exfoliation from Ga2O3 single crystal. The etch rate of (100) Ga2O3 flake increased with increasing bias rf powers up to 52 nm min-1 using 25 sccm BCl3/15 sccm N2 gas chemistry. We also examined the etch rate dependence of Ga2O3 on crystal orientation. The (100) Ga2O3 flake has the lowest etch rate when compared with (010) and Ga2O3 surfaces. The lowest etch rate of (100) Ga2O3 surface results from less Ga-O bond breaking efficiency and low dangling bond density on the surface. It is notable that Ga2O3 surface is etched at higher rate than (010) and (100) Ga2O3 surfaces. The surface morphologies of etched (100) Ga2O3 surface exhibited little change, and rms roughness values remained less than 1.5 nm over a broad range of etch conditions.

Original languageEnglish
Article number075001
JournalECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Jan 9

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This research was supported by Basic Science Research Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Education (2018R1D1A1A09083988, 2020R1I1A3A0403783711), and Nano·Material Technology Development Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (2015M3A7B7045185). This present research was also supported by 2020 Hongik University Research Fund.

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