Clinical features of acute hepatitis A in recent two years

Eung Jun Lee, So Young Kwon, Tae Ho Seo, Hyun Sung Yun, Han Su Cho, Byung Kook Kim, Won Hyeok Choe, Chang Hong Lee, Jin Nam Kim, Hyung Joon Yim

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BACKGROUND/AIMS: The purpose of this study was to characterize the clinical features of acute hepatitis A in Seoul and Gyeonggi province during the recent 2 years. METHODS: We reviewed the medical records of 222 patients who were diagnosed as acute hepatitis A between August 2005 and March 2007 at the Konkuk University Hospital and Korea University, Ansan Hospital. The clinical manifestation, serological tests, and image findings were analyzed. RESULTS: Median age of the patients was 28.1 years and the age groups of highest incidence were the second and third decade. The frequent symptoms were anorexia (66.4%), fatigue (49.2%), fever (47.7%), and abdominal discomfort (42.5%). Fourteen cases (6.3%) showed renal insufficiency, and hemodialysis was performed in one. Cholestatic hepatitis in 2 cases, relapsing hepatitis in 4 cases and prolonged hepatitis in 13 cases were observed. However, there was no case of fulminant hepatitis or death. The underlying diseases including chronic hepatitis B, diabetes mellitus and thyroid disorder did not affect the disease severity of hepatitis A. IgM anti-HAV was not detected initially in 6.7% of the patients. Anti-HEV (IgM) was detected simultaneously in 3 of 150 patients. CONCLUSIONS: The age of patients with acute hepatitis A has been increased in the recent years. Most patients recovered uneventfully. However, unusual patterns of severe hepatitis and renal insufficiency occurred in considerable number of cases. Follow-up serologic test for IgM anti-HAV is needed in seronegative cases with hepatitis A.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)298-303
Number of pages6
JournalThe Korean journal of gastroenterology = Taehan Sohwagi Hakhoe chi
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2008 Nov
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