Clinical study of single-suture inferior retractor repair for involutional entropion

Soo Park Min, Jung Chi Mi, Hyun Baek Se

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Purpose: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of a simplified single-suture inferior retractor repair technique for involutional entropion. Methods: A retrospective study of 20 patients (26 eyelids), followed for 6 months at our hospital, who showed no severe horizontal lid laxity were operated on for involutional entropion. After subciliary incision, the inferior retractor was identified and repaired by reattaching the superior edge of the inferior retractor to the inferior edge of the lower tarsus by a single suture using 5-0 prolene. Results: 26 eyelids of 20 patients (80.8%) were treated successfully without recurrence. Complications were seen in 5 eyelids, 2 were overcorrections and 3 were recurrences of entropion. Recurred cases were reoperated on and showed good postoperative results after the second surgery. Conclusions: The simplified single-suture inferior retractor repair had good results in patients with involutional entropion without severe horizontal lid laxity. Moreover, this procedure had a short operation and recovery time. In unilateral cases, we could achieve more symmetric appearance when compared with bilateral surgeries.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2006 Sept
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  • Involutional entropion
  • Single-suture inferior retractor repair

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