Comparative Efficacy of Bariatric Surgery in the Treatment of Morbid Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus: a Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis

Korean Research Group for Endoscopic Management of Metabolic Disorder and Obesity

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    Introduction: The comparative efficacy of various bariatric procedures has not been completely elucidated. We aimed to evaluate efficacy and safety of various bariatric procedures comprehensively. Methods: We searched for randomized controlled trials investigating the efficacy of bariatric surgery. Network meta-analyses were performed to determine the percentage of excess weight loss (%EWL) and remission of diabetes mellitus (DM). Results: Of 45 studies, 33 and 24 provided the data for %EWL and DM remission rates, respectively. Six months after surgery, biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD-DS), Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB), and sleeve gastrectomy (SG) showed superior efficacy for %EWL compared to the standard-of-care (mean difference [MD], [95% confidence interval [CI]]: BPD-DS, 38.2% [7.3%, 69.1%]; RYGB, 32.1% [3.1%, 61.1%]; SG, 32.5% [5.5%, 59.5%]). However, adjustable gastric banding was not superior to standard-of-care (MD [95% CI] = − 0.2% [− 19.6%, 19.2%]). At 1 year, all bariatric procedures were superior to standard-of-care. At 3 years, RYGB and SG showed superior efficacy when compared to standard-of-care (MD [95% CI]: RYGB, 45.0% [21.8%, 68.2%]; SG, 39.2% [15.2%, 63.3%]). With respect to DM remission 3–5 years after surgery, BPD-DS, RYGB, and SG were superior to standard-of-care. Hernias, obstruction/stricture, bleeding, and ulcers were less common in patients who underwent SG than in those who underwent RYGB. Conclusions: RYGB and SG had excellent long-term outcomes for both the %EWL and DM remission rates. Additionally, SG had a relatively lower risk of adverse events than RYGB.

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