Current Protocol for Aesthetic Scar Management in Thyroid Surgery

Jae Ho Chung, Da Som Kim, Jeong Hyun Cheon, Jeong Min Yoon, Seung Kuk Baek, Kwang-Yoon Jung, Eul Sik Yoon, Seung Ha Park

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Objectives/Hypothesis: We compared the scar quality when different protocols were applied, and eventually aim to find the optimal scar management protocol. Study Design: We conducted a prospective, randomized, and blinded comparison of different scar management protocols in a single center. Methods: We allocated 126 patients who underwent thyroidectomy via collar neck incision randomly into three groups. Patients in group A were treated with tissue adhesive only. Patients in group B were treated by means of subcuticular suturing and early scar management with a non-ablative fractional laser (NAFL) and intralesional triamcinolone injection (ILI). Patients in group C had skin closure with tissue adhesive and early scar management. At 6 months after the operation, the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS) and the width of the final scar were compared. Results: Comparing the sum of PSAS, groups B and C showed significant higher satisfaction than did group A (22.81 ± 11.66 in group A, 10.9 ± 5.14 in group B, and 15.19 ± 9.98 in group C). In the sum of OSAS, group B also showed a significant difference than did groups A and C (17.74 ± 6.75 in group A, 10.26 ± 3.60 in group B, and 14.52 ± 6.48 in group C). Also, group B showed a narrower scar width than did groups A and C. Conclusions: Our finding suggests that subcuticular suturing using barbed suture material and early treatment with a combination therapy using NAFL and ILI showed a favorable aesthetic outcome for both patients and operators. Based on our algorithmic approach for thyroidectomy scar, we anticipate an optimal aesthetic outcome. Level of Evidence: II Laryngoscope, 131:E2188–E2195, 2021.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)E2188-E2195
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Jul

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  • Thyroid surgery
  • aesthetic outcomes
  • fractional laser treatment
  • subcuticular suture
  • synthetic glue

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