Dengue-associated hemophagocyticlymphohistiocytosis in an adult A case report and literature review

Sang Mi Chung, Joon Young Song, Wonshik Kim, Min Joo Choi, Ji Ho Jeon, Seonghui Kang, Eunju Jung, Ji Yun Noh, Hee Jin Cheong, Woo Joo Kim

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Background: Infection-associated hemophagocytic syndrome (IAHS) is potentially a fatal disease caused by systemic infection complicated by hemophagocyticlymphohistiocytosis (HLH). Here, we report a case of HLH associated with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) after a trip to Thailand. Case summary: A 33-year-old healthy female patient presented with 3 days of fever, myalgia, and skin rash. Serotype 3 dengue virus was isolated. Clinical and laboratory findings fulfilled the criteria of HLH. After the initiation of corticosteroid therapy, the patient recovered and laboratory findings were normalized. Conclusion: It would be important to differentially diagnose dengue-associated HLH from severe DHF. Early recognition and initiation of steroid treatment would be crucial for the successful treatment of dengue fever complicated by HLH.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere6159
JournalMedicine (United States)
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2017
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  • Corticosteroid
  • Dengue hemorrhagic fever
  • Hemophagocyticlymphohistiocytosis
  • Severe dengue

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