Design and Implementation of Smart Buildings: A Review of Current Research Trend

Dongsu Kim, Yeobeom Yoon, Jongman Lee, Pedro J. Mago, Kwangho Lee, Heejin Cho

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The building sector is one of the largest contributors to the world’s total energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Advancements in building energy technologies have played a critical role in enhancing the energy sustainability of the built environment. Extensive research and new techniques in energy and environmental systems for buildings have recently emerged to address the global challenges. This study reviews existing articles in the literature, mostly since 2000, to explore technological advancement in building energy and environmental systems that can be applied to smart homes and buildings. This review study focuses on an overview of the design and implementation of energy‐related smart building technologies, including energy management systems, renewable energy applications, and current advanced smart technologies for optimal function and energy‐efficient performance. To review the advancement in building energy‐related technologies, a systematic review process is adopted based on available published reviews and research types of articles. Review‐type articles are first assessed to explore the current literature on the relevant keywords and to capture major research scopes. Researchtype papers are then examined to investigate associated keywords and work scopes, including objectives, focuses, limitations, and future needs. Throughout the comprehensive literature review, this study identifies various techniques of smart home/building applications that have provided detailed solutions or guidelines in different applications to enhance the quality of people’s daily activities and the sustainability of the built environmental system. This paper shows trends in human activities and technology advancements in digital solutions with energy management systems and practical designs. Understanding the overall energy flow between a building and its environmentally connected systems is also important for future buildings and community levels. This paper assists in understanding the pathway toward future smart homes/buildings and their technologies for researchers in related research fields.

Original languageEnglish
Article number4278
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Jun 1

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  • building‐to‐grid integration
  • electric vehicle integration
  • energy management system
  • renewable system integration
  • smart building
  • smart home

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