Design, Realization and Experimental Evaluation of a Haptic Stick for Shared Control Studies

Lorenzo Pollini, Matteo Razzanelli, Mario Olivari, Alessandro Brandimarti, Michele Maimeri, Paolo Pazzaglia, Giovanni Pittiglio, Roger Nuti, Mario Innocenti, Heinrich Bülthoff

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Shared control is becoming widely used in many manual control tasks as a mean for improving performance and safety. Designing an effective shared control system requires extensive testing and knowledge of how operators react to the haptic sensations provided by the control device shared with the support system. Commercial general purpose haptic devices may be unfit to reproduce the operational situation typical of the control task under study, like car driving or airplane flying. Thus specific devices are needed for research on specific task; this market niche exists but is characterized by expensive products. This paper presents the development of a complete low cost haptic stick, of its initial characterization and inner loop and impedance control systems design, and finally proposes an evaluation with two test cases: pilot admittance identification with the classical tasks, and an entire haptic experiment. In particular this latter experiment tries to study what happens when a system failure happens in a pilot support system built using a classical embedded controller, compared to a system built following the haptic shared control paradigm.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)78-83
Number of pages6
Issue number19
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • force feedback
  • haptic aid
  • motor control
  • shared control

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