Development of mems-based intravascular micro active catheter system

J. K. Chang, S. Chung, S. K. Lee, S. Y. Yang, S. Y. Moon, D. C. Han

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We have developed the intravascular micro active catheter system for the microsurgery of the human vascular systems, such as cerebrovascular and coronary artery. This system can be also applied to the laparoscopic treatment. This system consists of a micro active bending catheter and some functional catheters. The micro active bending catheter is a tube-like catheter with 3.0 mm in outer-diameter, 2.0 mm in inner-diameter and 1,000 mm in length. The inner hole of the catheter is used for the pathway of the functional catheters. In the proximal tip of the catheter, an actuator with three shape-memory-alloy springs is installed with plastic and brass connection links. This actuator can be bent to any direction with the PWM controlled electric current. The micro drug infusion catheter, conventional suction tube, micro ultrasonic catheter and angioscopic optical fiber can be used as the functional catheter, and we developed the micro drug infusion catheter suitable for the micro active bending catheter. We tested the developed micro active bending catheter and micro drug infusion catheter with the mock circulatory system. The developed micro active bending catheter can be introduced through 90°, 120°, 180° crooked branches to the brachiocephalic artery, common carotid artery, subclavian artery and so on, in the mock circulation system. Also we tested these catheter system during the laparoscopical surgery of the pig. We could easily induce the catheter to the point we want in the pig ovary.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)228
Number of pages1
JournalASAIO Journal
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2000
Event46th Annual Conference and Exposition of ASAIO - New York, NY, USA
Duration: 2000 Jun 282000 Jul 1

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