Dimeric ent-kaurane diterpenoids from isodon excisus

Seong Su Hong, Seon A. Lee, Chul Lee, Xiang Hua Han, Sanggil Choe, Nahyun Kim, Dongho Lee, Chong Kil Lee, Youngsoo Kim, Jin Tae Hong, Mi Kyeong Lee, Bang Yeon Hwang

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Five new dimeric ent-kauranoids, biexcisusins A-E (1-5), were isolated from the aerial parts of Isodon excisus. The structures and relative configurations of these compounds were determined on the basis of spectroscopic data interpretation. Of these, biexcisusins C-E (3-5) are dimeric ent-kaurane diterpenoids exhibiting an unprecedented linkage through a nine-membered lactone ring between two ent-kaurane subunits. Compounds 1-5 showed no inhibitory effects on the LPS-induced production of nitric oxide in murine macrophage RAW264.7 cells, up to a dose of 50 μM.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2382-2387
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Natural Products
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2011 Nov 28

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