Direct patterning process for tungsten trioxide nano-to-micro structures

Sungjin Moon, Hak Jong Choi, Junho Jun, Daihong Huh, Chaehyun Kim, Hee Chul Lee, Heon Lee

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Compared to conventional and complex processes, including deposition, photolithography, and plasma-etching processes, WO3 nano-to-micro structures were successfully fabricated using direct imprinting process using WO3 nanoparticle-dispersed resin and consecutive annealing on any substrates in a simpler and more cost-effective manner. WO3 nanoparticle dispersed resins with various concentrations were evaluated for direct imprinting of WO3. The pattern fidelity and the surface morphology of imprinted WO3 nano-to-micro structures were characterized with field emission SEM. X-ray diffractionpattern was used to investigate the effect of annealing process on crystallinity of WO3 nano-to-micro structures. The crystal structure of imprinted WO3 was transformed from a hexagonal phase into a monoclinic phase by annealing. Optical transmittance of WO3 structures were also investigated using UV-vis spectroscopy. It was confirmed that diffused transmittance of WO3 structures could be increased up to 70% at 550 nm of wavelength without noticeable reduction of total transmittance, which is potentially applicable in the field of optoelectronic devices. Photo-electrochemical cells made of imprinted WO3 structure were properly operated.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)582-591
Number of pages10
JournalApplied Spectroscopy Reviews
Issue number7-9
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Aug 8

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This work was supported by the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT), research grant of 2014 (10048973), funded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE, Korea). This research was also supported by the R&D program for Industrial Core Technology through the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology supported by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in Korea (grant no. 10040225).

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© 2016 Sungjin Moon, Hak-Jong Choi, Junho Jun, Daihong Huh, Chaehyun Kim, Hee-Chul Lee, and Heon Lee.


  • Tungsten trioxide (WO )
  • direct imprinting
  • nano-to-micro structure
  • nanoparticle-dispersed resin
  • photocurrent
  • photoelectrochemical cell

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  • Spectroscopy


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