Dissociated horizontal deviation after traumatic brain injury.

Tae Eun Lee, Deok Sun Cha, Seong Beom Koh, Seung Hyun Kim

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A 4-year-old boy visited the hospital with exotropia after brain hemorrhage caused by trauma. He had undergone decompressive craniectomy and cranioplasty 18 months prior to presentation at our hospital. An alternate prism cover test showed more than 50 prism diopters (PD) of left exotropia when he was fixing with the right eye and 30 PD of right exotropia when he was fixing with the left eye at near and far distance. On the Hirschberg test, 60 PD of left exotropia was noted in the primary position. Brain computerized tomography imaging performed 18 months prior showed hypodense changes in the right middle cerebral artery and anterior cerebral artery territories. Subfalcian herniation was also noted secondary to swelling of the right hemisphere. The patient underwent a left lateral rectus muscle recession of 7.0 mm and a left medial rectus muscle resection of 3.5 mm. Three weeks after the surgery, the Hirschberg test showed orthotropia. On alternate prism cover testing, 8 PD of left exotropia and 8 PD of right esotropia were noted at distance. We report a patient who developed dissociated horizontal deviation after right subfalcian subdural hemorrhage caused by trauma.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)377-379
Number of pages3
JournalKorean journal of ophthalmology : KJO
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2010 Dec
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