Dynamic tension-compression asymmetry of martensitic transformation in austenitic Fe-(0.4, 1.0)C-18Mn steels for cryogenic applications

Hyunmin Kim, Jaeyoung Park, Yumi Ha, Wooyeol Kim, Seok Su Sohn, Hyoung Seop Kim, Byeong Joo Lee, Nack J. Kim, Sunghak Lee

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In this study, cryogenic-temperature dynamic mechanical properties of austenitic Fe-(0.4, 1.0)C-18Mn steels were evaluated by conducting dynamic tensile and compressive tests, and deformation mechanisms including tension-compression asymmetry of martensitic transformation behavior were interpreted by microstructural evolution of dynamically tensioned or compressed specimens. After the dynamic tensile test of the 0.4C-18Mn steel, the γ → ε → α′ martensitic transformation occurred at -196 C, whereas ε- or α′-martensite was not found in the 1.0C-18Mn steel. After the dynamic compressive test, on the other hand, the γ → ε martensitic transformation occurred at -196°C without the formation of α′-martensites in the 0.4C-18Mn steel. This dynamic tensile-compressive asymmetry of martensitic transformation was plausibly interpreted by austenite stability in relation with difference in molar volume, hydrostatic stress distribution, and adiabatic heating. The γ → α′ transformation was prevented under the dynamic compressive loading because the increase in molar volume was required for the γ → α′ transformation, whereas it was promoted to induce the γ → ε → α′ transformation under dynamic tensile loading.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)37-46
Number of pages10
JournalActa Materialia
Publication statusPublished - 2015 Jun 16
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This work was supported by POSCO under a contract No. 2013Y049. The authors would like to thank to Mr. Dong Hyun Ahn of POSTECH for his help of FEM analysis works.

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  • Austenitic high-Mn steel
  • Cryogenic temperature
  • Dynamic tensile and compressive tests
  • TRansformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP)
  • TWinning Induced Plasticity (TWIP)

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