Effect of Ba impregnation on Al2O3 catalyst for 1-octene production by 1-octanol dehydration

Young eun Kim, Unho Jung, Dahye Song, Hyo Been Im, Ji Chan Park, Min Hye Youn, Heon Do Jeong, Geun Bae Rhim, Dong Hyun Chun, Dong Wook Lee, Ki Bong Lee, Kee Young Koo

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This study investigated the effect of impregnating Ba into an Al2O3 catalyst on the acid-base property and catalytic activity in the dehydration of 1-octanol to produce 1-octene. The Ba/Al2O3 catalysts were prepared by the incipient wetness method with different Ba contents of 0.0–3.0 wt%, and characterized by ICP-MS, BET-BJH, XRD, pyridine-FTIR, and CO2-TPD. The catalytic activity in 1-octanol dehydration was evaluated at 300, 350, and 400 °C with liquid hourly space velocity (LHSV) of 7–56 h−1. As the amount of Ba increased, the density of the basic site on Ba/Al2O3 increased, and the strength distribution of the Lewis acid site (LAS) was changed. Under the reaction condition of 400 °C and LHSV = 7 h−1, Ba/Al2O3 showed higher 1-octene selectivity and 1-octene purity compared with the pure Al2O3 even though the 1-octanol conversion was similar. This is because the added Ba eliminated the strong LAS, which, in turn, inhibited the side-reaction originating from the re-adsorption of 1-octene. When LHSV > 21 h−1, Ba/Al2O3 catalysts showed decreased 1-octanol conversion but maintained high 1-octene selectivity and 1-octene purity. As the Ba content reached 2.0 wt%, 1-octene selectivity was decreased as the formation of dioctyl ether became more active than olefin production. Therefore, 1.5 wt% Ba/Al2O3 is the optimal catalyst for producing 1-octene from 1-octanol in terms of 1-octanol conversion, 1-octene selectivity, and 1-octene yield.

Original languageEnglish
Article number118791
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Dec 1


  • 1-Octanol
  • 1-Octene
  • Alcohol dehydration
  • Ba/AlO catalyst
  • Linear α-olefin

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