Effect of open-field experimental warming on the leaf phenology of oriental oak (Quercus variabilis) seedlings

Saerom Han, Haegeun Chung, Nam Jin Noh, Sun Jeoung Lee, Wooyong Jo, Tae Kyung Yoon, Koong Yi, Chan Woo Park, Suin Ko, Yowhan Son

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Aims: An open-field warming experiment enables us to test the effects of projected temperature increase on change in plant phenology with fewer confounding factors and to study phenological response to temperature ranges beyond natural variability. This study aims to (i) examine the effect of temperature increase on leaf unfolding and senescence of oriental oak (Quercus variabilis Blume) under experimental warming and (ii) measure temperature-related parameters used in estimating phenological response to temperature elevation. Methods: Using an open-field warming system with infrared heaters, we increased the air temperature by ∼3°C in the warmed plots compared with that of the control plots consistently for 2 years. Leaf unfolding and senescence dates of Q. variabilis seedlings were recorded and temperature-related phenological parameters were analysed. Important Findings: The timing of leaf unfolding was advanced by 3-8 days (1.1-3.0 days/°C) and the date of leaf senescence was delayed by 14-19 days (5.0-7.3 days/°C) under elevated air temperatures. However, the cumulative degree days (CDD) of leaf unfolding were not significantly changed by experimental warming, which suggest the applicability of a constant CDD value to estimate the change in spring leaf phenology under 3°C warming. Consistent ranges of advancement and temperature sensitivity in spring phenology and delayed autumn phenology and proposed temperature parameters from this study might be applied to predict future phenological change.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)559-566
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Plant Ecology
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Dec 1

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  • Climate change
  • Cumulative degree days
  • Experimental warming
  • Leaf senescence
  • Leaf unfolding

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