Effect of stress history on CPT and DMT results in sand

Moon Joo Lee, Sung Kun Choi, Min Tae Kim, Woojin Lee

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In order to investigate the effect of stress history on in-situ test results in granular sediments, a series of CPTs and DMTs are performed on Busan sand prepared in the calibration chamber. KD is found to be the most sensitive to the stress history among CPT and DMT measurements. ED and qc are observed to be similarly affected by the stress history and, therefore, the ED-qc relation appears to be almost independent of the stress history. The KD-DR relation established without considering the stress history is likely to overestimate the relative density of OC sand. It is shown that the existence of the pre-stress of the granular sediment can be indirectly recognized by an estimation of the relative density larger than 100% when using the KDvσ-DR relation suggested for NC sand. Although qcvσ-KD/K0 and EDvσ-KD/K0 relations are heavily influenced by the stress history, qcmσ-KD/K0 and EDmσ-KD/K0 relations are observed to be independent of the stress history. Based on these relations, charts to evaluate the K0 value from qc and/or DMT indices are developed for both NC and OC sands. The design chart based on EDmσ-KD/K0 and EDvσ-KD/K0 relations is expected to be practically useful as the usage of this chart requires only DMT indices. The developed design charts are applicable to Busan sand but different sets of equations and charts may be developed for other sands.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)259-265
Number of pages7
JournalEngineering Geology
Issue number3-4
Publication statusPublished - 2011 Feb 2

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This paper is supported by the Construction Core Technology Program ( C104A1000009-06A0200-00800 ) under the KICTEP grant.


  • Cone resistance
  • Dilatometer modulus
  • Horizontal stress index
  • K estimation
  • Stress history

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