Effects of induced exosomes from endometrial cancer cells on tumor activity in the presence of aurea helianthus extract

Yoonjin Park, Kyunghwa Lee, Suhng Wook Kim, Min Woo Lee, Boyong Kim, Seung Gwan Lee

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Endometrial cancer (EC) cells metastasize to various regions, including the ovaries, fallop-ian tubes, cervix, blood, liver, bone, and brain. Various carcinogens are known to cause EC. Exosomes are released from several types of cells and contain various cellular components. In this study, flow cytometry and quantitative PCR were used to evaluate marker levels, cell migration, cell invasion, and mitochondrial membrane potential, and cellular senescence tests were used to estimate cancer activity. The microRNAs were profiled using next-generation sequencing. Although tocopherol-α and rutin content in Aurea helianthus is high, A. helianthus extract was more useful in modulating tumor activity compared to the two aforementioned substances. Notably, we established that the extract induced bioactive exosomes in EC cells, and profiling of miRNAs in the extract-inducing exosomes (EIE) indicated their potency to be developed as a biological drug. The extract and EIE contributed to the following five biological process categories for EC cells: (1) cell migration and invasion suppression, (2) cellular senescence activation by attenuating mitochondrial membrane potential and enhancing autophagy, (3) reproductive cancer activity attenuation, (4) drug susceptibility activation, and (5) EIE containing miRNAs associated with decreasing inflammation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2207
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Apr 2

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Acknowledgments: This study was supported by LIFE TOGETHER and Korea University.

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  • Aurea helianthus
  • Endometrial cancer
  • Exosome
  • MicroRNA
  • Migration
  • Uterus

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