Efficient stationary solar thermal collector systems operating at a medium-temperature range

Yong Sin Kim, Kevin Balkoski, Lun Jiang, Roland Winston

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In this paper, a stationary solar thermal collector system using an evacuated glass and a counter-flow tube for medium is modeled, analyzed, fabricated, and tested. The proposed non-tracking system consists of an evacuated counter-flow type absorber paired with an external compound parabolic concentrators (XCPC) as a non-imaging reflector. This configuration allows the system to operate with a high solar thermal efficiency for medium working temperature (100-300. °C). Efficiencies for both East-West and North-South orientations are modeled and measured at various working temperatures. Simulation and experimental test results show that the proposed configuration outperforms other non-tracking solar thermal systems and can achieve more than 40% efficiency above 200. °C.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1071-1079
Number of pages9
JournalApplied Energy
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Nov
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  • Collector
  • Compound parabolic concentrator
  • Counter-flow
  • Evacuated tube
  • Orientation
  • Solar thermal

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