Environmental factors influencing germination in seeded seashore paspalum

J. S. Shin, P. Raymer, W. Kim

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Seashore paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum O. Swartz) is a perennial warm-season grass that is rapidly gaining popularity for use on golf courses and athletic fields. The first seeded cultivar of seashore paspalum was recently developed. Seed from the pilot production of this cultivar harvested in Oregon during 2002 by Turf-Seeds, Inc. demonstrated a high level of apparent seed dormancy with a tetrazolium test of 91% but a germination rate of less than 5% at room temperature. This seed was used in laboratory experiments to determine the effect of a number of environmental factors on germination response in this new turf species. Treatment factors are germination media, constant and alternating (night/day) temperatures, and light. A strong and significant effect of temperature on germination was observed. Total germination was increased at higher temperatures. At the same daytime temperature, seed germination under alternating temperature was better than germination at constant temperature. The effect of light on germination was significant at 20, 25, 30, 20/35 °C in water and at 25/35 °C in 0.2% KNO3 germination media. However, the effect of light on germination in KNO3 media was not significant at 35 °C constant and 20/30 °C alternating temperatures. Alternating temperature used in conjunction with KNO3 media reduced the requirement for light. The use of 0.2% KNO3 rather than water as the germination media increased germination in most temperature and light treatments. Based on our results, maximum germination percentage was obtained when seed was germinated at 35 °C constant or 20/35 °C alternating temperature. However, when we consider field application, 25/35 °C with light is more realistic condition in field. Therefore, recommended seed germination test condition is at 25/35 °C with KNO3 treatment.

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Publication statusPublished - 2006 Aug


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