Enzymatic synthesis of novel unnatural phenoxodiol glycosides with a glycosyl donor flexible glycosyltransferase MeUGT1

Na Joon Lee, Younghae Kwon, Woongshin Kang, Minsuk Seo, Yurin Seol, Je Won Park

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Isoflavonoids are of great interest due to their human health-promoting properties, which have resulted in studies on exploiting these phytochemicals as hotspots in diverse bio -industries. Biocatalytic glycosylation of isoflavonoid aglycones to glycosides has attracted marked interests because it enable the biosynthesis of isoflavonoid glycosides with high selectivity under mild conditions, and also provide an environmentally friendly option for the chemical synthesis. Thus, these inspired us to exploit new flexible and effective glycosyltransferases from microbes for making glycosides attractive compounds that are in high demand in several industries. Most recently, we have reported the functional characterization of a bacterial-origin recombinant glycosyltransferase (MeUGT1). Herein, more detailed kinetic characteristics of this biocatalyst, using a number of glycosyl donor substrates, were examined for further investigation of its biocatalytic applicability, enabling it feasible to biosynthesize new glycosides; phenoxodiol-4′-O-α-glucuronide, phenoxodiol-4′-O-α-(2''-N-acetyl)glucosaminide, phenoxodiol-4′-O-α-galactoside, phenoxodiol-4′-O-α-(2''-N-acetyl)galactosaminide and phenoxodiol-4′-O-α-(2''-deoxy)glucoside. The thorough kinetic analyses revealed that while the recombinant enzyme can utilize, albeit with different substrate preference and catalytic efficiency, a total five different nucleotide sugars as glycosyl donors, exhibiting its promiscuity towards glycosyl donors. This is the first report that a recombinant glycosyltransferase MeUGT1 that can regio-specifically glycosylate C4′-hydroxyl function of semi-synthetic phenoxodiol isoflavene to biosynthesize a series of unnatural phenoxodiol-4′-O-α-glycosides.

Original languageEnglish
Article number110113
JournalEnzyme and Microbial Technology
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Nov

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This work was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) Grants funded by the Ministry of Science and ICT ( 2020R1A2C2008061 ).

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  • Glycosyl donor
  • Phenoxodiol-4′-O-α-glycoside
  • Substrate flexibility
  • UDP-glucose:isoflavonoid glycosyltransferase

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  • Biochemistry
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