Estimation of sensory pork loin tenderness using Warner-Bratzler shear force and texture profile analysis measurements

Jee Hwan Choe, Mi Hee Choi, Min Suk Rhee, Byoung Chul Kim

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This study investigated the degree to which instrumental measurements explain the variation in pork loin tenderness as assessed by the sensory evaluation of trained panelists. Warner-Bratzler shear force (WBS) had a significant relationship with the sensory tenderness variables, such as softness, initial tenderness, chewiness, and rate of breakdown. In a regression analysis, WBS could account variations in these sensory variables, though only to a limited proportion of variation. On the other hand, three parameters from texture profile analysis (TPA)-hardness, gumminess, and chewiness-were significantly correlated with all sensory evaluation variables. In particular, from the result of stepwise regression analysis, TPA hardness alone explained over 15% of variation in all sensory evaluation variables, with the exception of perceptible residue. Based on these results, TPA analysis was found to be better than WBS measurement, with the TPA parameter hardness likely to prove particularly useful, in terms of predicting pork loin tenderness as rated by trained panelists. However, sensory evaluation should be conducted to investigate practical pork tenderness perceived by consumer, because both instrumental measurements could explain only a small portion (less than 20%) of the variability in sensory evaluation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1029-1036
Number of pages8
JournalAsian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Jul

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This research was supported by a grant from Korea University. The authors would like to appreciate the Institute of Biomedical Science and Food Safety, the Korea University Food Safety Hall, for providing equipment and facilities.

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  • Pork loin tenderness
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Texture profile analysis
  • Warner-Bratzler shear force

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