Exploiting volumetric wave correlation for enhanced depth imaging in scattering medium

Ye Ryoung Lee, Dong Young Kim, Yonghyeon Jo, Moonseok Kim, Wonshik Choi

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Imaging an object embedded within a scattering medium requires the correction of complex sample-induced wave distortions. Existing approaches have been designed to resolve them by optimizing signal waves recorded in each 2D image. Here, we present a volumetric image reconstruction framework that merges two fundamental degrees of freedom, the wavelength and propagation angles of light waves, based on the object momentum conservation principle. On this basis, we propose methods for exploiting the correlation of signal waves from volumetric images to better cope with multiple scattering. By constructing experimental systems scanning both wavelength and illumination angle of the light source, we demonstrated a 32-fold increase in the use of signal waves compared with that of existing 2D-based approaches and achieved ultrahigh volumetric resolution (lateral resolution: 0.41 μm, axial resolution: 0.60 μm) even within complex scattering medium owing to the optimal coherent use of the broad spectral bandwidth (225 nm).

Original languageEnglish
Article number1878
JournalNature communications
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2023 Dec

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Funding Information:
This work was supported by the Institute for Basic Science (IBS-R023-D1) (Y.-R.L., D.-Y.K.,Y.J., and W.C.), the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) grant funded by the Korea government (MSIT) (NRF-2021R1C1C2008158 (Y.-R.L.), NRF-2019R1C1C1008175 (M.K.), and NRF-2021R1A4A5028966 (M.K.)), and the POSCO Science Fellowship of POSCO TJ Park Foundation (Y.-R.L.).

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