Frame error concealment using pixel correlation in overlapped motion compensation regions

Dinh Trieu Duong, Byeong Doo Choi, Min Cheol Hwang, Sung Jea Ko

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In low bit-rate video transmission, the payload of a single packet can often contain a whole coded frame due to the high compression ratio in both spatial and temporal domains of most modern video coders. Thus, the loss of a single packet not only causes the loss of a whole frame, but also produces error propagation into subsequent frames. In this paper, we propose a novel whole frame error concealment algorithm which reconstructs the first of the subsequent frames instead of the current lost frame to suppress the effects of error propagation. In the proposed algorithm, we impose a constraint which uses side match distortion (SMD) and overlapped region difference (ORD) to estimate motion vectors between the target reconstructed frame and its reference frame. SMD measures the spatial smoothness connection between a block and its neighboring blocks. ORD is defined as the difference between the correlated pixels which are predicted from one reference pixel Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm effectively suppresses error propagation and significantly outperforms other conventional techniques in terms of both peak signal-tonoise ratio performance and subjective visual quality.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)21-30
Number of pages10
JournalETRI Journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2009 Feb


  • Frame error concealment
  • Motion estimation
  • Video restoration
  • Whole frame loss

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