GA-based fuzzy controller design for tunnel ventilation systems

Baeksuk Chu, Dongnam Kim, Daehie Hong, Jooyoung Park, Jin Taek Chung, Tae Hyung Kim

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The main purpose of tunnel ventilation system is to maintain CO pollutant concentration and VI (visibility index) under an adequate level to provide drivers with comfortable and safe driving environment. Moreover, it is necessary to minimize power consumption used to operate ventilation system. To achieve these purposes, FLC (fuzzy logic controller) has been usually utilized because complex and nonlinear system like tunnel ventilation is difficult to control with conventional quantitative methods. Membership functions of FLC consist of inputs such as pollutant level inside tunnel, pollutant emission rates from vehicles, and outputs, the number of running jet-fans. The conventional fuzzy control methods have been designed just by relying on simple experiences and using trial and error method. In this paper, FLC is optimally redesigned using GA (genetic algorithm) which is a stochastic global search method. In the process of constructing objective function of GA, maintaining pollutant concentration level under allowable limit and decreasing energy consumption are included. Finally, the simulation results performed with real data collected from the target tunnel ventilation system are shown. It is confirmed that the GA-based FLC shows more efficient performance than the conventional FLC.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2005
Event22nd International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, ISARC 2005 - Ferrara, Italy
Duration: 2005 Sept 112005 Sept 14


Other22nd International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, ISARC 2005

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This work was performed in part of 2003 industrial-educational cooperation project, ‘Underground, Fire, and Environment Research’ supported by Korea Institute of Construction and Transportation Technology Evaluation and Planning, and partially supported by the Brain Korea 21 Project in 2006.


  • FLC (fuzzy logic controller)
  • Real-valued GA (genetic algorithm)
  • Tunnel ventilation control

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