Geographical origin discrimination of Korean variety, Angelica Gigas Nakai by using tdu (Thermal desorption unit)-GC/MS

Mi Na Lee, Yoon Suk Kim, Won Il Kim, Jeong Gyu Kim, Oh Kyung Kwon

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The objective of this study was to develop a fast and accurate method of variety discrimination and geographical discrimination origin of Korean angelica (Korean variety, Angelica gigas Nakai) by using TDU-GC/MS. Two peaks of decursin and decursinol, which are coumarin derivatives were identified in the range of Total Ion Chromatogram (TIC) RT 26.9-27.2 of the Korean angelica by GC/MS analysis at the time of condensation in a refrigerated condensation system after thermal desorption of sample extracts. In case of Chinese angelica (Chinese variety), ligustilide peak was detected at the RT 17.2. In order to investigate the difference of volatile components according to the geographical origin of Korean variety, the mass spectra were measured by TDU-GC/MS at the range of m/z 40-400 amu. The TIC of domestic cultivation and Chinese cultivation of the Korean variety, Angelica gigas Nakai showed the same tendency as a whole. However, in partial scans of TIC, two peaks detected at 15.54 and 16.05 of RT showed different peak patterns between Korean angelica (Korean variety) cultivated in Korea and in China. The ratio of Peak A (RT 15.54) and B (RT 16.05) was 0.0-0.2 for domestic cultivation and 0.5-2.8 for Chinese cultivation, confirming the possibility of discriminating origin by comparing the TIC peak pattern of TDU-GC/MS.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)29-33
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Applied Biological Chemistry
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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  • Discrimination
  • Geographical origin
  • Korean Angelica (Angelica gigas Nakai)
  • Peak pattern comparison
  • TDU-GC/MS Analysis

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  • Organic Chemistry


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