Graphene and graphene-based hybrid composites for advanced rechargeable battery electrodes

Hee Jo Song, Dong Wan Kim

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Graphene-based materials have attracted great interest in various rechargeable battery electrodes. The intrinsic properties of such materials, including large surface areas and high electrical conductivities, as well as good compatibility with other active components, can induce superior electrochemical performance of rechargeable batteries. Graphene materials can be directly used as active electrodes in rechargeable batteries. More importantly, the incorporation of graphene-based composites with various active materials can improve several electrochemical performance parameters in Li-/Na-ion batteries, improving specific capacities and rate capabilities and alleviating the volume changes during the cycling process, resulting in extended battery lifespans. In the case of Li-S batteries, good chemical bonding between sulfur compounds and graphene materials prevents polysulfides from dissolving in electrolytes. When used in Li-air batteries, the electrocatalytic activity of graphene materials reduces the charge/discharge overpotential, thus increasing the round-trip efficiency and improving the cycle performance. In this chapter on graphene-based composites for advanced rechargeable batteries, we provide a well-organized and informative review on recent achievements and progress in graphene-based composites for advanced rechargeable batteries, including Li-ion batteries and next-generation Na-ion, Li-S, and Li-air batteries. In particular, we focus on their synthesis, including fabrication methods, and their advanced electrochemical performance.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationHandbook of Graphene
Number of pages50
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Publication statusPublished - 2019 Mar 29

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  • Li-S battery
  • Na-ion battery

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