Growth and Fabrication of GaAs Thin-Film Solar Cells on a Si Substrate via Hetero Epitaxial Lift-Off

Seungwan Woo, Geunhwan Ryu, Taesoo Kim, Namgi Hong, Jae Hoon Han, Rafael Jumar Chu, Jinho Bae, Jihyun Kim, In Hwan Lee, Deahwan Jung, Won Jun Choi

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We demonstrate, for the first time, GaAs thin film solar cells epitaxially grown on a Si substrate using a metal wafer bonding and epitaxial lift-off process. A relatively thin 2.1 µm GaAs buffer layer was first grown on Si as a virtual substrate, and a threading dislocation density of 1.8 × 107 cm−2 was achieved via two In0.1Ga0.9As strained insertion layers and 6× thermal cycle annealing. An inverted p-on-n GaAs solar cell structure grown on the GaAs/Si virtual substrate showed homogenous photoluminescence peak intensities throughout the 2” wafer. We show a 10.6% efficient GaAs thin film solar cell without anti-reflection coatings and compare it to nominally identical upright structure solar cells grown on GaAs and Si. This work paves the way for large-scale and low-cost wafer-bonded III-V multi-junction solar cells.

Original languageEnglish
Article number820
JournalApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Jan 1

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  • Epitaxial lift-off
  • Flexible photovoltaics
  • Heteroepitaxial growth
  • Solar cell
  • Wafer bonding

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