Gyroelectric guided modes with transverse optical spin

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The transverse nature of light leads to longitudinal optical spin. Here, the unprecedented transverse optical spin of propagating waves and guided modes in a gyroelectric medium is clarified. We identify the propagation modes in a bulk gyroelectric medium and their polarization in terms of optical spin. The anisotropic permittivity of a gyroelectric medium results in two propagation modes, slow and fast, in which the optical spin varies according to the propagation direction. When the magnetization direction of the gyroelectric medium and the propagation direction of the light are not parallel, these modes possess both the longitudinal and transverse components of optical spin. We also confirm that a gyroelectric slab waveguide induces transverse optical spin in the guided light. We investigate the transport behavior of transverse optical spin in a gyroelectric slab using numerical calculations with a modified 3D finite difference time domain method. These new gyroelectric guided modes offer a novel approach to the manipulation of optical spin on a nanoscale.

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JournalOptics Express
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Mar 19

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