Hierarchical saw-like ZnO nanobelt/ZnS nanowire heterostructures induced by polar surfaces

Guozhen Shen, Di Chen, Cheol Jin Lee

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Saw-like nanostructures composed of single-crystalline ZnO nanobelts and single-crystalline ZnS nanowires have been successfully synthesized by a vapor - solid process. Several techniques, including scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscopy, and photoluminescence spectroscopy, were used to investigate the structures, morphology, and photoluminescence properties of the products. Due to the similar crystal habits of wurtzite ZnO and ZnS with chemically active Zn-terminated (0001) and chemically inactive O-terminated (or S-terminated) (0001̄) polar surfaces, hierarchical saw-like nanostructures were considered to be formed by the initiation of a chemically active Zn-terminated ZnO (0001) polar surface. Photoluminescence properties of the heterostructures, different from pure ZnO nanobelts or ZnS nanowires, were also studied at room temperature.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)15689-15693
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Physical Chemistry B
Issue number32
Publication statusPublished - 2006 Aug 17

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  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
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