Honeycomb-like periodic porous LaFeO3 thin film chemiresistors with enhanced gas-sensing performances

Zhengfei Dai, Chul Soon Lee, Bo Young Kim, Chang Hoon Kwak, Ji Wook Yoon, Hyun Mook Jeong, Jong Heun Lee

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The use of composite materials and polynary compounds is a promising strategy to promote conductometric sensor performances. The perovskite oxides provide various compositional combinations between different oxides for tuning gas-sensing reaction and endowing rich oxygen deficiencies for preferable gas adsorption. Herein, a sacrificial colloidal template approach is exploited to fabricate crystalline ternary LaFeO3 perovskite porous thin films, by transferring a La3+-Fe3+ hybrid solution-dipped template onto a substrate and sequent heat treatment. The honeycomb-like LaFeO3 film consisted of monolayer periodic pore (size: 500 nm) array can be successfully in situ synthesized in a homogeneous layout with a single phase of perovskite. This periodic porous LaFeO3 film with p-type semiconductivity exhibits a high gas response, fast response (4 s), trace detection capacity (50 ppb), and favorable ethanol selectivity from similar acetone. It exhibits enhanced sensing performances compared to those of a binary ntype Fe2O3 film and a nontemplated dense LaFeO3 film. In addition, a five-axe spiderweb diagram is introduced to make a feasible evaluation of the optimal practical work condition, comprehensively regarding the response/recovery rate, gas response, selectivity and operating temperature. The enhanced ethanol sensing mechanism of honeycomb-like LaFeO3 periodic porous film is also addressed. This novel and facile route to fabricate well-ordered porous LaFeO3 thin film can also be applied to many fields to obtain special performances, such as solar cells, ion conductors, gas separation, piezoelectricity, and self-powered sensing device system.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)16217-16226
Number of pages10
JournalACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Issue number18
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Sept 24

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  • Gas sensor
  • Micro/nanostructure
  • Periodic array
  • Perovskite structure
  • Semiconducting metal oxides

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