Immediate coronal plane kinetic effects of novel lateral-offset sole shoes and lateral-wedge insole shoes in healthy individuals

Jong Woo Kang, Hae Soo Park, Choon Kyun Na, Jong Woong Park, Jungwha Hong, Soon Hyuck Lee

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To investigate kinetic differences in the coronal plane between healthy individuals wearing shoes with lateral-offset soles and shoes with lateral-wedge insoles while walking, hip abduction, knee adduction, and ankle abduction moments were estimated using a 3-dimensional motion analysis system under 3 different conditions: wearing conventional shoes (control), wearing lateral-offset sole shoes (condition A), and wearing lateral-wedge insole shoes (condition B). Forty-eight healthy individuals (24 men and 24 women) were tested. Condition A resulted in a significantly reduced peak knee adduction moment compared with the control (condition A50.316 Nm/kg; control 50.380 Nm/kg; P5.006). The peak knee adduction moment of condition B was also lower than that of the control (condition B50.299 Nm/kg; P5.002); however, the peak knee adduction moment was not significantly different between conditions A and B (P5.386). Condition B resulted in an increased mean ankle abduction moment in the stance phase compared with the control and condition A (control50.007 Nm/kg; condition A50.013 Nm/kg; condition B50.023 Nm/kg) (control vs condition A, P5.051; control vs condition B, P, .001; condition A vs condition B, P5.002). The hip abduction moments were not significantly different between the control and condition A, control and condition B, or conditions A and B. Wearing lateral-offset sole shoes reduces the peak knee adduction moment and exerts less influence on ankle moment than does wearing lateral-wedge insole shoes. Neither lateral-offset sole shoes nor lateral-wedge insole shoes induce kinetic changes in the coronal plane of the hip.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)e165-e171
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Feb

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