Intraoperative Radiation Therapy for Gallbladder Cancer: Experience at a Single Institution

Nam K.won Lee, Chul Kim, Young J.e. Park, Dae S.ik Yang, Won S.up Yoon, Sung Suh

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BACKGROUND/AIMS: To investigate the survival outcome of intraoperative radiation therapy for patients with gallbladder cancer on the basis of experience at a single institution.

METHODOLOGY: The medical records of 8 patients with gallbladder cancer who were treated with intraoperative radiation therapy during surgical resection or palliative surgery were retrospectively analyzed. The primary endpoint was overall survival. The median follow-up time was 20.8 months.

RESULTS: The median survival time was 15.0 months. Overall survival for all patients was 75.0% at 1 year, 37.5% at 3 years, and 25.0% at 5 years. Three patients underwent complete resection, and 5 patients had residual tumor after resection or palliative surgery. The 3-year OS rate for 3 patients with no residual tumor after curative resection was 66.7%, with a mean survival time of 122.6 months, whereas the 3-year OS rate for 5 patients with macroscopic residual diseasewas 0% with a mean survival time of 13.5 months (P = 0.014).

CONCLUSIONS: The results of the present study suggest that intraoperative radiation therapy with or without external beam radiation therapy was safe and beneficial for patients who underwent curative resection with negative margins and allows the possibility of long-term survival.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2014 May 1
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