Investigation of the cause of a malfunction in a display package and its solution

Jae Choon Kim, Dong Jin Lee, Sung Woo Hwang, Byeong Kwon Ju, Sang Kyeong Yun, Heung Woo Park, Jin Taek Chung

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A piezo-actuated display package (PADP) with deformable mirror arrays is proposed for handheld applications of a micro-beam projection display. Temperature change is a critical factor affecting the performance of a PADP. To analyze temperature-related malfunctions, electrical, mechanical, and thermal analyses of the package are conducted simultaneously. A temperature control system using a micro-heater is developed to maintain the deformable mirror module at a constant temperature. Numerical results are used to determine the relationship between displacement and the temperature of the deformable mirrors. Experimental results are used to elucidate the relationship between the source image data and the temperature of the deformable mirror module. A micro-beam projector with a temperature control system is used to produce high quality images under various ambient temperatures.

Original languageEnglish
Article number5682370
Pages (from-to)119-124
Number of pages6
JournalIEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2011


  • Deformable mirror arrays
  • micro-beam projector
  • temperature control

ASJC Scopus subject areas

  • Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering


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