Ion-beam nano-patterning by using porous anodic alumina as a mask

S. W. Shin, S. G. Lee, J. Lee, C. N. Whang, Jong Heun Lee, I. H. Choi, T. G. Kim, J. H. Song

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Anodized aluminium oxide (AAO) with self-organized and ordered nano-hole arrays may be a good candidate for an irradiation mask to modify the properties of a nano-scale region. In order to use AAO as a mask for ion beam patterning, the ion beam transmittance of AAO should first be tested. In an AAO with a high aspect ratio (about 100), anodized from Al bulk foil, the ion beam transmittance was extremely low. However, when AAO with low aspect ratio (about 5), fabricated with thin film Al on SiO2, was irradiated with 80 keV Co ions, the Co ion transmittance was enormously improved. After selective etching of the unirradiated region, ion beam patterned 80 nm SiO2 dot arrays have been fabricated. This shows a potential of AAO with a low aspect ratio for an ion beam patterning nano-mask. In order to demonstrate the ion beam nano-patterning, magnetic nano-patterning was performed. A Co/Pt multilayer film with a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy was ion irradiated through an AAO mask with a low aspect ratio, 460 nm height and 50 nm diameter, and the magnetic properties were investigated by MOKE. The formation of a magnetic nano-pattern was confirmed by MFM.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1392-1395
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Publication statusPublished - 2005 Aug 1

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