Isolation schemes of virtual network platform for cloud computing

Sung Won Ahn, Shin Hyoung Lee, See Hwan Yoo, Dae Young Park, Dojung Kim, Chuck Yoo

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Network virtualization supports future Internet environments and cloud computing. Virtualization can mitigate many hardware restrictions and provide variable network topologies to support variable cloud services. Owing to several advantages such as low cost, high flexibility, and better manageability, virtualization has been widely adopted for use in network virtualization platforms. Among the many issues related to cloud computing, to achieve a suitable cloud service quality we specifically focus on network and performance isolation schemes, which ensure the integrity and QoS of each virtual cloud network. In this study, we suggest a virtual network platform that uses Xen-based virtualization, and implement multiple virtualized networks to provide variable cloud services on a physical network. In addition, we describe the isolation of virtual networks by assigning a different virtualized network ID (VLAN ID) to each network to ensure the integrity of the service contents. We also provide a method for efficiently isolating the performance of each virtual network in terms of network bandwidth. Our performance isolation method supports multiple virtual networks with different levels of service quality.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2764-2783
Number of pages20
JournalKSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Nov 30


  • Cloud computing
  • Network virtualization
  • Performance isolation
  • Xen

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  • Computer Networks and Communications


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