Long-term safety and effectiveness of growth hormone therapy in Korean children with growth disorders: 5-year results of LG Growth Study

Young Jun Rhie, Jae Ho Yoo, Jin Ho Choi, Hyun Wook Chae, Jae Hyun Kim, Sochung Chung, Il Tae Hwang, Choong Ho Shin, Eun Young Kim, Ho Seong Kim

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    Purpose The aim of this registry study was to analyze the long-term safety and effectiveness of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) in South Korean pediatric patients (2 years of age) with growth hormone deficiency GHD) of idiopathic or organic etiology, idiopathic short stature, Turner syndrome, small for gestational age and chronic renal failure. Methods The study patients were followed-up till two years after the epiphyseal closure, with visits scheduled every six months. The outcome measures included the incidence of adverse events (AEs, in particular, neoplasia, glucose intolerance and hypothyroidism), as well as height standard deviation score (Ht SDS) and annual height velocity. The results of the interim analysis of a 5-year accumulated data for 2,024 patients (7,342 patient-years, PY) are presented. Results A total of 14 neoplasms were diagnosed (191/100,000 PY); 7 out of 9 malignancies were recurrent craniopharyngioma found in patients with organic GHD. Seven cases of glucose intolerance (95/100,000 PY) and 22 cases of hypothyroidism (300/100,000 PY) were detected; about half of the cases (4 and 10 cases each) were considered to be related with rhGH treatment. Most of the growth-retarded patients showed continuous improvement in Ht SDS, with the most prominent effect observed within a year of treatment initiation. The beneficial effect of rhGH on Ht SDS gain was maintained for 2–4 years. Conclusions The incidence of AEs of interest in rhGH-treated patients was low, and most of the neoplasms were benign and/or non-related to rhGH. Most patients benefited from the therapy in terms of height increment.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article numbere0216927
    JournalPloS one
    Issue number5
    Publication statusPublished - 2019 May

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