Long-term strategies for thyroid health monitoring after nuclear accidents: recommendations from an Expert Group convened by IARC

Kayo Togawa, Hyeong Sik Ahn, Anssi Auvinen, Andrew J. Bauer, Juan P. Brito, Louise Davies, Ausrele Kesminiene, Dominique Laurier, Evgenia Ostroumova, Furio Pacini, Christoph Reiners, Sergey Shinkarev, Geraldine Thomas, Mykola Tronko, Salvatore Vaccarella, Joachim Schüz

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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1280-1283
Number of pages4
JournalThe Lancet Oncology
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Oct

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Funding Information:
DL reports that his institution, Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety, benefits from research funding from Areva and EDF. GT reports having received support for travel from TEPCO. All other authors declare no competing interests. The technical report summarised in this Comment (which was released on Sept 29, 2018) was jointly written by all authors, and discussed at two meetings on Oct 23–25, 2017, and Feb 21–23, 2018, in Lyon, France. The Comment was drafted by KT and JS, and critically reviewed and finalised by all authors. We thank Zhanat Carr, André Ilbawi, and Hiroki Shimura (specialists), and Enora Clero, Silvia Franceschi, Maria Perez, and Catherine Sauvaget (advisers) for their critical input during the discussions and synthesis of the scientific evidence base for the recommendations. We also thank Catherine Chassin (IARC Section of Environment and Radiation) for her skilful administrative support, Jennifer Brandt for editing the report, and the production team of Karen Müller and Sylvia Lesage (IARC Communications Group) for checking and formatting the report. Last, we express our gratitude to the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, for their financial support of the project and to the Nuclear Safety Research Association of Japan for managing the grant. The funder had no involvement in developing the recommendations or in the writing of this article. JPB receives funding from the Karl-Erivan Haub Family Career Development Award in Cancer Research at Mayo Clinic in Rochester (MN, USA), honouring Richard F Emslander. The work of LD was supported by the US State Department (Fulbright grant) and the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

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