Metal extraction and indirect mineral carbonation of waste cement material using ammonium salt solutions

Hwanju Jo, So Hee Park, Young Nam Jang, Soo Chun Chae, Pyeong Koo Lee, Ho Young Jo

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The effects of different ammonium salts on the cation extraction and mineral carbonation of waste cement were evaluated using four different ammonium salt solutions: CH3COONH4, NH4Cl, NH4NO3, and (NH4)2SO4. Extraction and carbonation tests were conducted using waste cement powder as the raw material under ambient temperature and pressure conditions at a solid to liquid ratio of 50g/L with two different concentrations of ammonium salt solution (0.5M and 1.0M). At higher concentration (1M), the Ca extraction efficiency (~70%) was higher in the CH3COONH4 and NH4NO3 solutions, but lower in the NH4Cl (32%) and (NH4)2SO4 solutions (5%). The Ca selectivity (~98%) was higher in the CH3COONH4, NH4NO3, and NH4Cl solutions, but lower in the (NH4)2SO4 solution (90%). The carbonation efficiency was comparable to the extraction efficiency. The carbonation efficiency with the CH3COONH4 and NH4NO3 solutions was higher. Regardless of the type of ammonium salt, high purity vaterite was precipitated after CO2 injection.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)313-323
Number of pages11
JournalChemical Engineering Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Oct 15

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This work was supported by the Basic Research Project of the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning.

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  • Ammonium salts
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Mineral carbonation
  • Vaterite
  • Waste cement

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