Metallic nanowire-graphene hybrid nanostructures for highly flexible field emission devices

Muhammad Arif, Kwang Heo, Byung Yang Lee, Joohyung Lee, David H. Seo, Sunae Seo, Jikang Jian, Seunghun Hong

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We report a simple but efficient method to prepare metallic nanowire-graphene (MN-G) hybrid nanostructures at a low temperature and show its application to the fabrication of flexible field emission devices. In this method, a graphene layer was transferred onto an anodic alumina oxide template, and vertically aligned Au nanowires were grown on the graphene surface via electrodeposition method. As a proof of concept, we demonstrated the fabrication of flexible field emission devices, where the MN-G hybrid nanostructures and another graphene layer on PDMS substrates were utilized as a cathode and an anode for highly flexible devices, respectively. Our field emission device exhibited stable and high field emission currents even when bent down to the radius of curvature of 25mm. This MN-G hybrid nanostructure should prove tremendous flexibility for various applications such as bio-chemical sensors, field emission devices, pressure sensors and battery electrodes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number355709
Issue number35
Publication statusPublished - 2011 Sept 2
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