MIMO Wireless Communications

Claude Oestges, Bruno Clerckx

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Uniquely, this book proposes robust space-time code designs for real-world wireless channels. Through a unified framework, it emphasizes how propagation mechanisms such as space-time frequency correlations and coherent components impact the MIMO system performance under realistic power constraints. Combining a solid mathematical analysis with a physical and intuitive approach to space-time coding, the book progressively derives innovative designs, taking into consideration that MIMO channels are often far from ideal. The various chapters of this book provide an essential, complete and refreshing insight into the performance behaviour of space-time codes in realistic scenarios and constitute an ideal source of the latest developments in MIMO propagation and space-time coding for researchers, R&D engineers and graduate students. Features include . Physical models and analytical representations of MIMO propagation channels, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of various models . Overview of space-time coding techniques, covering both classical and more recent schemes under information theory and error probability perspectives . In-depth presentation of how real-world propagation affects the capacity and the error performance of MIMO transmission schemes . Innovative and practical designs of robust space-time coding, precoding and antenna selection techniques for realistic propagation (including single-carrier and MIMO-OFDM transmissions) "This book offers important insights into how space-time coding can be tailored for real-world MIMO channels. The discussion of MIMO propagation models is also intuitive and well-developed." Arogyaswami J. Paulraj, Professor, Stanford University, CA "Finally a book devoted to MIMO from a new perspective that bridges the boundaries between propagation, channel modeling, signal processing and space-time coding. It is of high reference value, combining intuitive and conceptual explanations with detailed, stringent derivations of basic facts of MIMO." Ernst Bonek, Emeritus Professor, Technische Universit t Wien, Austria * Presents space-time coding techniques for real-world MIMO channels * Contains new design methodologies and criteria that guarantee the robustness of space-time coding in real life wireless communications applications * Evaluates the performance of space-time coding in real world conditions.

Original languageEnglish
PublisherElsevier Ltd
ISBN (Print)9780123725356
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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