Minimally invasive complete mesocolic excision for right colon cancer

Hyunmi Park, Tae Hoon Lee, Seon Hahn Kim

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    Complete mesocolic excision (CME) with central vascular ligation (CVL) follows the same principles as the total mesorectal excision (TME) in the rectum of following the embryological planes for right-sided cancers. The number of lymph nodes yielded increased with a resultant improvement in the oncological outcomes and by reducing local recurrence rates. Hohenberger's radical CME and CVL and the East's modified CME with D3 lymphadenectomy, which traditionally followed the embryological plane dissection for most of its intraabdominal cancer resection, have both shown to harvest significantly higher number of lymph nodes leading to a higher overall survival rate than the traditional right hemicolectomies of the West. To achieve the oncologically superior excision of the CME, awareness of the significant vascular anatomical variation will enhance the precision of the oncosurgery as well as minimize the risk of vascular complications. There has been an increasing body of evidence emerging on the safety of minimally invasive surgery (MIS); both its oncological safety as well as complication rates in the hands of expert and trained surgeons. The surgical technique of a CME right hemicolectomy is described step by step to aid standardization. There is mounting evidence that CME + CVL/ D3 improves survival in patients with colon cancer. Whilst the technical aspect of MIS is more challenging than the left, with a standardized technique and systematic teaching method, safety and benefits for patients can be achieved.

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    JournalAnnals of Gastroenterological Surgery
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - 2020 May 1

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    • D3 lymphadenectomy
    • colon malignancy
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